Recent Work

Flying in 2008

Artist: Joseph A Farbrook

video sculpture

Self Interview

Artist: Joseph A Farbrook

interactive video live performance

low country Longleaf

Artist: James Graham

oil on canvas

Lost Language of a Desert Sea (detail)

Artist: Ellen McMahon

LEtterpress, collage


Artist: Kelly A Leslie

Digital Print

Medium Grind

Artist: Joseph A Farbrook

Video sculpture


Artist: Carlton Bradford

steel and leather

Sketch 5 from Negative Capable Hands

Artist: Sama Raena Alshaibi

Pigment Archival Print

Topographies II

Artist: Colin Blakely

Pigmented Inkjet Print

The Flight Of A Torn Kite

Artist: Aaron S. Coleman


Stockholm Syndrome

Artist: Aaron S. Coleman


Fujisawa (wrap) Kanagawa Prefecture

Artist: Martina M. Shenal

Archival pigment print

Infra-red | Infra-structure

Artist: Laura Tanner Graham

Ink on Hand-Cut Mylar

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Artist: Aaron S. Coleman

Mezzotint, Aquatint, Lithography and Chine-Collé

Something's wrong with my soul today

Artist: Brooke A Grucella

acrylic on panel

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