Recent Work

Lilith The Siren

Artist: Isaac Cabrera

Digital Art Print

The Print that Broke the Stone (Pineal Conical)

Artist: Connor James Furr


Social Posters 1 & 2

Artist: Cynthia Kristine Sodari

Printed Posters

Untitled No. 13

Artist: Tori Oswald

Acrylic on Canvas

Coy Limbs

Artist: Aidan Heigl

Inkjet Print

1$ Portraits series, 1.


Large Format 4x5 Color Film


Artist: Dominic Valencia

Acrylic on Canvas

On Fleak

Artist: Wren Gardiner

Inkjet Print

Deux Rois

Artist: Christian Moeykens

Charcoal, Graphite, and White Gouache on Paper

Ascension pt. II

Artist: Rebecca Van Scoter

Woodblock print

Pink Teeth

Artist: Maya Hawk

Chromogenic C Print

The Mountain Tomb (Overview 2)

Artist: Brian Doers

Digital Painting

Wool Blanket

Artist: Rielle Oase

Digital inkjet print

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