University of Arizona College of Fine Arts

School of Art

The process to apply to change your major to Art, Art History or Art and Visual Culture Education happens online, twice a year. The deadline for spring admission is November 1st and for fall admission, February 15th.

Online Admissions


Bachelor of Arts - Art History

  • School of Art application
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • 500-Word Essay addressing “Why is art history an important discipline?”
    • The Art History faculty will evaluate both what you write and how you write it. Please do not write an autobiography.

Note: The Art History faculty strongly urges all interested students to meet with a member of the faculty in person prior to submission of the application for a change of major.

Bachelor of Arts - Studio Art

No Concentration - General Liberal Arts Degree Program

  • School of Art application
  • Portfolio of 8 original examples of your studio work

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Art Education

Concentration in Teaching K-12 or Community/Museum Outreach

  • School of Art application
  • Essay question: In 500 words or less, explain what you see as the role(s) of art and art education within contemporary society.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Studio Art

Concentration in 2D, 3D, Photography, Visual Communication: Illustration + Design

  • School of Art application
  • Portfolio of 8 original examples of your studio work
  • JPEG image file size: 72 pixels per inch (ppi), 800 pixels for longest dimension

Guidelines for the Portfolio

Portfolio Evaluation Criteria

Technical Proficiency / Craftsmanship:

Effectiveness of individual project’s fabrication as evidenced by:

  • Creative and innovative technical problem solving
  • Mastery of techniques and formal elements employed (composition, line, value, etc.)


Student’s investment in and thoughtfulness of subject-matter/idea as evidenced by:

  • Creative and innovative intellectual problem solving
  • Ability of finished work to communicate chosen subject matter
  • Evidence of critical thinking / conceptual exploration


  • Degree to which documentation clearly and qualitatively displays work

Creativity / Inventiveness:

  • Some of the projects indicate a motivation to generate work outside of assigned projects
  • Projects clearly generated for assignments push beyond formulaic responses

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