Recent Work

Dear Broken Skin

Artist: Ellery Page


Hybrid Teacups with Plants: East Meets West

Artist: Chrysanthe Kapuranis

Micron markers, color markers, digital illustration, photography


Artist: Lauren Elise Emerine

Digital Illustration Poster

Constant Compromise

Artist: Dominique Martinez

Digital Archival Print

Taste Hoarding

Artist: Jaquelee Chit Yu Chau


The Print that Broke the Stone (Pineal Conical)

Artist: Connor James Furr


Flies are Friends, Not Food

Artist: Carly Brown

Pencil, Digital Color

Made This Way

Artist: Jessica Berg

Oil on Canvas

"S" & "Z" Touch

Artist: Kylie Daniels

Digital Photo


Artist: Andrea Howlett

Digital Print(s)


Artist: Claire Mandel

Digital Print

Nutrition Chart

Artist: Mali Bautista


how do your assumptions disregard humanity?

Artist: Maxwell Lukas Mijnlieff Gay

Inkjet print on museo rag paper

Scene Thirty-Two

Artist: April Logan

Digital Photograph - Matte Print

Social Posters

Artist: Stephanie Reid

Poster Design

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