Recent Work

Man with a Head of Flowers

Artist: Danny Pacheco

Digital Photography


Artist: Forgotten


The Man with Two Bags

Artist: Andre Rocha

digital print

The Hangout Spot

Artist: Justice Amarillas

Digital Inkjet Photograph

Self Portrait

Artist: Emily Tihe

Wood, PVC Piping, Paint

Self Portrait: Introspection of the Number 9

Artist: Harry Carlson

Aluminum, dirt, wood

The Print that Broke the Stone (Pineal Conical)

Artist: Connor James Furr


Untitled No. 13

Artist: Tori Oswald

Acrylic on Canvas

Constant Compromise

Artist: Dominique Martinez

Digital Archival Print


Artist: Kennady Schneider

Inkjet Print (photograph)

Pink Teeth

Artist: Maya Hawk

Chromogenic C Print

Wool Blanket

Artist: Rielle Oase

Digital inkjet print

Flies are Friends, Not Food

Artist: Carly Brown

Pencil, Digital Color


Artist: Claire Mandel

Digital Print

Social Posters

Artist: Stephanie Reid

Poster Design

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