About Us

About Us

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The School of Art’s goal is not merely to educate, but to transform. We refine our students’ natural passions into focused pursuit, enabling them to develop professional skills and create meaningful work. Students have a unique opportunity to engage with faculty and peers of cross-disciplinary expertise who encourage students to think beyond the boundaries of what they previously knew.

Purpose and Impact

The School of Art is committed to preparing students for careers in Studio Art, Art History, and Art & Visual Culture Education in an increasingly diverse and technological world. The School of Art provides distinguished undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral instruction that emphasizes critical thinking in all aspects of learning. We excel in creative and scholarly research while striving to expand and diversify our curricular and program offerings.

In addition to maintaining an array of high quality academic programs, the School of Art works to engage the broader community on and off campus through a range of programs, including:

  • A variety of general education and First Year Experience (FYE) courses open to ALL majors
  • Robust co-curricular programming through our galleries and Visiting Artists and Scholars Endowment Lecture Series
  • A series of annual events and other outreach endeavors coordinated by the School of Art

Our Work

There is no better way to get a glimpse into what we are about than to see the work with which we are engaged.

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Our Location

Whether it’s the towering mountain vistas, the otherworldly desert landscapes, or the vibrant arts scene, Tucson is sure to fill you with inspiration. Often referred to as a “small town within a city,” Tucson possesses a supportive community that expresses the values of sustainability and diversity, both of culture and thought. As a result, the city is host to a number of innovative projects in a variety of disciplines that seek to tackle some of our most pressing problems. The University of Arizona plays an outsize role in engaging the community to create a more equitable future for everyone.

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Equity Message

The School of Art actively works to create an environment that is welcoming and supportive of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. This includes curricula that speak to all the populations we serve, a set of support structures based on the concept of equity over equality, and the active creation of space for marginalized populations. We are also participants in the larger ecosystem supported by our division’s Equity in the Arts Program, a groundbreaking initiative charting the role of the arts as a leader in supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access in higher education.

Arizona Arts EDI Mission

Arizona Arts fosters inclusive communities, equitable experiences, and diverse perspectives as cornerstones of creativity, artistic expression, and cultural production.

Arizona Arts EDI Vision

We seek to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in the arts and arts education regionally and globally by
  • Transforming our curricula and cultivating inclusive learning experiences inside and outside the classroom;
  • Promoting diverse programming that represents the work of artists and content that are reflective of a wide variety of perspectives, identities, and aesthetic repertoires;
  • Connecting with local, national, and international communities; and
  • Promoting racial and social justice in the arts sector.
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Half Off Special

Half Off Special

Wilbur Dallas Fremont
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I fell down some stairs

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What Do You See?

Utvista Galiante
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Tailgate Party

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Floral Arrangement

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