Interdisciplinary Practice
(MFA only)

Are you thinking of earning your MFA, but no specific program quite rings true for you? We understand. After all, the School of Art intentionally attracts those who don’t fit neatly into one label or another. Not only is this acceptable, but here, it’s encouraged. We are passionate about helping you stay true to your artistic vision while pursuing the conveyance of cultural meaning across multiple mediums and disciplines.

Speak with an academic advisor about the MFA Interdisciplinary Practice Track. Under the guidance of experienced faculty members and with the support of the School of Art’s expansive resources, MFA Interdisciplinary Practice Track students will work toward a Master of Fine Arts in Art while fine-tuning their artistic identity.

You will be empowered to pursue your artistic vision wherever it takes you, whether you are interested in interactive installations, sound art or digital settings. Become immersed in theories, methods and advanced technologies while considering the application of art as a social practice. You’ll enjoy newly re-modeled facilities, including graduate student-only wood and metal fabrication facilities, and open spaces in the Graduate Studio facility.

Interdisciplinary Practice(MFA only)

The Program

The MFA Interdisciplinary Practice Track is an ideal incubator for artists that engage multiple studio disciplines to develop their work. Some graduate courses within the School of Art that may be of interest to Interdisciplinary Practice students:

  • ART 504: Topics in Studio Art: e.g. Space and Site as Material and Idea (Changes with Core Divisional Offering each term)
  • ARH 511B: Theory and Methods in Art History
  • ARH 531: Introduction to Contemporary Art
  • ART 531: 3D Animation
  • ART 538: Digital Fabrication
  • ART 532A: Interactivity (Interactive Art)
  • ART 547: Mixed Media Book
  • ART 549: Graduate Video
  • ART 561: Motion Design
  • ART 562D: Animation II
  • ART 567B: Visual Narrative and Art Book
  • ART 583: Combining Media
  • ART 586A: Extended Media: Installation Strategies
  • ART 586B: Extended Media: Time based Installations-Video, Sound & Performance
  • ART 596A: Professional Practice
  • ART 642: Graduate Studio Critique
  • ART 643B: Art As Social Practice (01-02)
  • ART 696A: Concept Development


  • ART and ARH (Art History) and ARE (Art Education)

Resources and Facilities

Students enjoy access to a wide range of facilities across the school, including open spaces in the Graduate Studio building and undergraduate and graduate only wood and metal fabrication facilities.  For additional information, please see the facilities overview.

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I fell down some stairs

I fell down some stairs

Lyle Emmerson Jr.
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What Do You See?

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Floral Arrangement

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Tailgate Party

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