Design Arts & Practices

Are you passionate about art, design and information, and how they come together and are applied to making a better world? If so, the Bachelor of Arts in Design Arts & Practices (DAP) degree is for you.

This program will give you a foundation in creative thinking and creative making from an interdisciplinary perspective to tackle real-world problems, including climate change, public health emergencies and social and environmental inequity. Students will choose from four design emphasis areas: print, screen, object and spatial.


Design Arts & Practices

Emphasis Areas

To pursue this degree, you must choose one of the following four emphasis areas:

Print Design: Visual design studies with a focus on works on paper, such as publications, posters, games, comics, books, magazines and more. Offered to Main Campus students only. View and download the BA DAP Print checklist for detailed information and courses

Screen Design: Visual design studies with a focus on works in digital form, such as websites, games, animation, apps, kiosks and more. Offered to Main Campus students; also offered through Arizona Online. View and download the BA DAP Screen checklist for detailed information and courses.

Object Design: Design studies with a focus on works in 3D, including hand-held and portable products, furnishings, furniture, systems and more. Offered to Main Campus students only, through the College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture (CAPLA).

Spatial Design: Design studies with a focus on works that take place, including human scale environments, situated events, interiors, exhibitions, urban spaces and more. Offered to Main Campus students only, through the College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture (CAPLA).

Courses across Art, Design, Information Science, and Technology in distinct, interdisciplinary ways will shape your degree plan moving from foundations and skills over the first two years, to theories and issues, and a culminating capstone project. Capstone projects will be developed through transdisciplinary lenses, and will tackle challenges spanning fields from Social Justice, Design, and the Environment.

Note: CAPLA partners with the College of Fine Arts on the BA DAP Object Design and Spatial Design emphasis areas. Students have an opportunity to immerse themselves in design thinking in CAPLA courses and facilities, but will graduate with a College of Fine Arts degree.

Undergrad course descriptions: ART and ARH (Art History) and ARE (Art Education)

Degree Requirements

Skills & Career Fields

DAP students will develop core conceptual and technical skills to design artifacts and experiences across a range of scales and media.

Project-based courses will build your abilities in problem solving and seeking, innovating with and through technologies, and developing creative visual strategies to address problems (climate change, social justice issues, representation and identity, education, limited water supplies, wildfires in local community, understanding information). History, theory, and academic courses will construct cultural frameworks for depth and breadth in research and application.

You’ll be able to apply these skills to a career in fields such as:

  • Experience and User Interface Design
  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Information Design
  • Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing
  • Interior and Spatial Design
  • Set and Exhibition Design
  • Environmental and Fashion Design
  • Art/Illustration
  • Multimedia Design/Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Web Design

Resources and Facilities

Within the College of Fine Arts there are a number of computer labs reserved exclusively for graphic applications. Through the Office of Student Computing Resources (OSCR), students have access to a wide variety of technologies, training, and support in computer, video and audio production.

Within the School of Art there are numerous studios, labs, and classrooms dedicated to instruction and critique. Most spaces are equipped with digital projection and sound systems, pin-up walls and worktables, wireless connectivity and high speed internet.

Digital Print Studio

The Digital Print Studio uses a service based drop-off system and provides high quality, fine art digital prints using state-of-the-art printers and scanners. The studio also offers finishing services, which include mounting, matting, and framing. Visit the Digital Print Studio website for more information.

Book Art & Letterpress Lab

The Book Art and Letterpress Lab supports on campus letterpress printing, experimental printing, paper techniques, binding and bookery. Visit the Book Art & Letterpress Lab for more information.


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