Recent Work

Wink Walking

Artist: Angie Zielinski

Acrylic on panel

Face Up/War Face, 2020

Artist: Marcos Serafim

Video installation

"Baltimore, 2015/SAC Bomber, 1955"

Artist: Lawrence Gipe

charcoal on backdrop paper

In the Meantime

Artist: Kelly Leslie

Artist Book

Installation View: Silsila at "Suspended Territories", Marta Herfor Museum of Art, Germany

Artist: Sama Raena Alshaibi

5 videos, sound, pentagon room

Disciplinary Borderlands

Artist: Amelia (Amy) Kraehe, Ph.D.

Convergence Disruption I

Artist: Colin Blakely

Pigmented Inkjet Print

Decorative Borders

Artist: Laura Tanner

Ink on Hand-Cut Mylar

Basso Profondo

Artist: Carlton Bradford

wood and plywood

Human Nature

Artist: Joseph A Farbrook

virtual installation


Artist: Carlton Bradford

ebony, spruce, curly maple, and brass hardware


Artist: Martina M. Shenal

Archival pigment print

"Where We Were, and How We Got There"

Artist: Lawrence Gipe

graphite on paper

American Mexican II

Artist: Alejandro Macias

oil and acrylic on canvas

In the Meantime

Artist: Kelly Leslie

Artist Book

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