Recent Work

The Wretched Sound Of Mysticism Dying

Artist: Aaron S. Coleman

Lithography and Screen print

Water Bearer, 2019

Artist: Sama Raena Alshaibi

Albumen Print

Figure/Ground Compression I

Artist: Colin Blakely

Pigmented Inkjet Print

Genetic Drifters (from Phenotypes series)

Artist: Ellen McMahon

Archival print mounted on aluminum

The Ghost Eater and the Stilt Rattler

Artist: Gary Setzer

Performance Art

Lost Language of a Desert Sea (detail)

Artist: Ellen McMahon

LEtterpress, collage

Drip Dropping

Artist: Angie Zielinski

Acrylic on panel

Russian Drone Paintings: "Damascus, 2015"

Artist: Lawrence Gipe

Oil on canvas

Coastal Lot #1 (detail)

Artist: James Graham

oil on canvas 93

Italy 2087, 2016

Artist: Joseph Labate

Pigment Ink on Cotton Rag Paper

Ground|Water: The Art, Design and Science of a Dry River

Artist: Ellen McMahon

Letterpress, offset printing


Artist: Alejandro Macias

graphite, oil, acrylic on paper

Ineffable (I Did Not Know the Green)

Artist: Gary Setzer

Performance Art

Floral Arrangement with Twisty Ties

Artist: James Graham

oil on canvas 20"x20" 2018

A is for Anatomy

Artist: Ellen McMahon


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