Recent Work


Artist: Joseph A Farbrook


Self Interview

Artist: Joseph A Farbrook

interactive video live performance

The Arborist and His Daughter

Artist: James Graham

oil on canvas

The Vulture Eats Between Its Meals

Artist: Aaron S. Coleman



Artist: Kelly A Leslie

Book Interior 3

Wink Walking

Artist: Angie Zielinski

Acrylic on panel

Atomic Zombie Creeper

Artist: Brooke A Grucella

acrylic on panel

Flying in 2008

Artist: Joseph A Farbrook

video sculpture

Mt. Omuro (yamayaki) Shizuoka Prefecture

Artist: Martina M. Shenal

Archival pigment print

Wander Wondering

Artist: Angie Zielinski

Installation - detail

"Still Form"

Artist: Cerese Vaden

Etching, Mixed Media Assemblage


Artist: Gary Setzer

Performance Art

Saladino Gallery 2017

Artist: James Graham

"Thames, 1946 (It's Going to be Another Cold Winter in London, Fortune Magazine)"

Artist: Lawrence Gipe

2017-18 oil on canvas 48x60"

Artist: Pia F. Cuneo, Ph.D.

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