Recent Work

Will It Go?

Artist: Cerese Vaden


Before the Thaw

Artist: Cerese Vaden

Etching, Silkscreen, Mixed Media Assemblage

Basso Profondo

Artist: Carlton Bradford

wood and plywood

In the Meantime

Artist: Kelly Leslie

Artist Book

Sketch 5 from Negative Capable Hands

Artist: Sama Raena Alshaibi

Pigment Archival Print

Wink Walking

Artist: Angie Zielinski

Acrylic on panel

Respiration (Underwater)

Artist: Gary Setzer

Performance Art

Coastal Lot #1

Artist: James Graham

oil on canvas 93"x78" 2019

Ground|Water: The Art, Design and Science of a Dry River

Artist: Ellen McMahon

Letterpress, offset printing

Russian Drone Paintings: "Mir" and "Ghost Town"

Artist: Lawrence Gipe

72 x 96", oil on canvas

Survivor Of The Great American Autoclave

Artist: Aaron S. Coleman

Lithography and Screen print

Lost Language of a Desert Sea (detail)

Artist: Ellen McMahon

Letterpress, collage

Fanning the Fire

Artist: Cerese Vaden

Etching, piercing

Prone to Collapse

Artist: Ellen McMahon

Cardboard, pine needles, video

Artist: Pia F. Cuneo, Ph.D.

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