Recent Work

A is for Anatomy

Artist: Ellen McMahon


Flying in 2008

Artist: Joseph A Farbrook

video sculpture

Artist: Pia F. Cuneo, Ph.D.

Drip Dropping

Artist: Angie Zielinski

Acrylic on panel

Handbook on Race and the Arts in Education

Artist: Amelia (Amy) Kraehe, Ph.D.

Drizzled Honey with Green Garden Hose

Artist: James Graham

oil on canvas

Warning Signals

Artist: Kelly A Leslie

Digital Print

Fujisawa (wrap) Kanagawa Prefecture

Artist: Martina M. Shenal

Archival pigment print

Respiration (Underwater)

Artist: Gary Setzer

Performance Art

Floating Blur

Artist: Angie Zielinski

Thread on cotton

"Party Meeting, 1948"

Artist: Lawrence Gipe

oil on panel


Artist: Carlton Bradford

oak and steel

Pedagogies in the Flesh: Case Studies on the Embodiment of Sociocultural Differences in Education

Artist: Amelia (Amy) Kraehe, Ph.D.

In the Meantime

Artist: Kelly A Leslie

Artist Book

Figure/Ground Compression I

Artist: Colin Blakely

Pigmented Inkjet Print

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